What is Kavunka?

Kavunka is a microsearch engine that can work on a home PC. Ideally, a server should be used that costs $ 400 - $ 700 on eBay. For the search engine to work, the usual connection to the INTERNET is sufficient.

Minimum hardware requirements:

What  is  Kavunka capable of doing?

The search engine Kavunka can scan Internet sites in several streams, search robots scan only those sites that the operator added to the task. Kavunka is trained to recognize the language of webpages. Currently available: en, it, fr, pt, es, pl, uk, ru. Kavunka is able to correct errors in user requests and generate relevant output. Search robots can bypass site protection using proxy and random user agents.

Why do you need it?

This technology will be useful to owners of Internet sites to attract additional traffic. You can make a manual selection of sites and add  sites of a particular subject, for example: games, cars, real estate, medicine, etcetera to Kavunka search  As a result, you will have a super service on your site, which  will be similar to Google or Bing in functionality. This will increase the credibility of your Internet resource in the eyes of users and give them the opportunity to search the Internet without leaving your site.

Kavunka technology in action

WebsiteSubject of sitesDictionary (words)LanguageWebsites indexedPages indexedHard
Kavunka.com.ua internet shops, news sites, women's magazines, bulletin boards, websites of universities, YouTube, Wikipedia 2 900 000 + UK + RU 1 100 + 800 000 + PowerEdge R320 64GB RAM